Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023



Intrograf-Lublin is one of the biggest printing companies in Poland, offering packaging solutions for the pharmaceu- tical and cosmetic markets. They also help their customers stay ahead of the curve with a live and virtual Printing Academy that offers a variety of cyclical workshops and seminars. Metsä Board experts have been sharing their knowl- edge in a variety of Printing Academy sessions, with topics ranging from the benefits of lightweighting and the ecological aspects of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry to optimisation techniques and the factors con- tributing to packaging costs. “Metsä Board’s leading expertise in lightweight fresh fibre paperboards and comprehensive understanding of sustainable production has been of great value to our participants,” says Agnieszka Betiuk , Strategic Projects Development Manager at Intrograf. The cooperation between Metsä Board and Intrograf’s Printing Academy exemplifies the importance of industry collaboration in driving progress and advancing knowledge within the field. “We believe that education and knowledge sharing are essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. By collaborating with Printing Academy, we can connect with our customers at a deeper level,” says Piotr Orlinski , Tech- nical Service Manager at Metsä Board.


Metsä Board has achieved the highest Platinum level in the EcoVadis sus- tainability assessment and A– rating in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s latest Circulytics® circular economy assessment. In the EcoVadis sustainability assessment , the company received high scores in each of the four assessed themes, and with a total score of 87/100, it is among the top one per cent of companies assessed in the paper, paperboard and packaging manufacturers category. The overall score remained at the same high level as last year, even though the assessment included several new requirements this year. In the environmental evaluation, the

company scored 100/100 for the second year in a row. Metsä Board has achieved the highest rating level every year since 2017. In the Circulytics® assessment , Metsä Board scored the highest scores in the “Enablers” category, which highlights a strong strategic priority to transition to a circular business model. The category encompasses strategy and planning, innovation, people and skills, operations supporting the circu- lar economy, and external engagement. This year’s A– score is an improve- ment on last year’s B score and is an encouraging acknowledgement of Metsä Board’s ongoing work to support the circular economy in its operations.

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