Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023


Sustainable solutions

The power of collaborative partnerships Collaboration is the key in making the perfect product, package and customer experience. But what makes a great partnership tick?

Sami Anteroinen, photos: Marcis Seners

I n March 2023, representatives of the Nordic beauty brand Lumene and Metsä Board visited the folding carton packaging producer VG Kvadra Pak in Riga, Latvia. VG Kvadra Pak – a member of the pri- vately owned Van Genechten Packaging Group (VGP) – extended an invitation to Lumene and Metsä Board to come inviting them to come and familiarise themselves with the printing quality of a new product. Yulia Sorokivskaya , Account Manager for VG Kvadra Pak, explains that the objective of the meeting was to engage in the initial printing test of Lumene’s Advent Calendar for 2023. “Together, we wanted to make sure that the design was being repro- duced in alignment with the specified requirements,” she says. According to Sorokivskaya, the development of the 2023 Advent Cal- endar encountered its share of challenges. “The complexity was attributed to the numerous process steps and stakeholders, including packaging and graphic design refinement, as well as a meticulous selection of finishing technologies and the coor- dination of logistics.” Seeing is believing All that hard work paid off. In Riga, the brand owner – Lumene – ap- proved the printing quality of the package. Essi Arola , Head of R&D, Sustainability & Packaging for Lumene, was impressed by the result: “Every aspect of production was taken care of, and we were very hap- py with what we saw in Riga,” she says. Visiting VG Kvadra Pak, Arola and her team got the chance to be very hands-on with the calendar. When she learned how different col- our schemes and other details were carried out, Arola quickly became convinced the calendar would be a hit. According to Sorokivskaya, VGP makes it a priority to work closely with its customers during the test print phase.

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