Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023


The pizza box goes on a diet

This pizza box is far from ordinary. Metsä Board collaborated with the best professionals in the industry, and the result is a high func- tioning pizza box that is probably the lightest in the world with this kind of performance. The goal was to create food-safe packaging that would reduce both material and printing ink use, benefiting the environment without compromising performance, function or print quality. “Compared to traditional solutions, the weight and material con- sumption of the box have been reduced by approximately 30 per cent. Despite the reduced weight, the E-flute corrugated board box’s structure provides the box with the necessary rigidity, and the fresh fibre material with the necessary purity to carry a freshly baked piz- za,” says Ilkka Harju , Packaging Services Director at Metsä Board. The visual appearance of the pizza box was designed by Futupack, and the packaging was manufactured by Adara Pakkaus. Special at- tention was also paid to the packaging’s printing quality. Researcher and expert on ECG Expanded Gamut printing, Dr Kai Lankinen , provided valuable consultation on the graphic design and printing requirements. The flexo printing plates were supplied by Marvaco.

This ultralight pizza box concept has been selected as a winner in the 2023 ScanStar packaging competition! The jury paid special attention to monomaterials and simple solutions that provided great protection for the product but were easy to use and recycle. Compared to traditional solutions, our pizza box uses less material and has a smaller carbon footprint.

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