Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023


Texts: Maria Latokartano and Metsä Board Photos: Sami Piskonen and Metsä Board

More luxury, with a unique unboxing experience Lena Rewell Textilestudio is recognised worldwide for its high-quality handmade mohair blankets, which the company designs and produces in Finland. In future, the design blan- kets will be delivered to customers in packaging worthy of their beauty. The luxurious design blankets have previously been transported in plastic wrapping, which will be replaced by a fresh fibre paperboard solution. As the company’s operations are based on ethics and sustainability, the packaging also had to reflect these values. “I’d long thought our products needed packaging that matched their high quality and offered buyers a unique experience when unboxing it,” says Dita Eklund , owner of Lena Rewell Textilestudio. At the Äänekoski Excellence Centre, Metsä Board’s packaging design team came up with a lightweight gift package supporting the valuable brand and offering a luxurious expe- rience. An uncoated white kraftliner, MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright, was chosen as the material for the two-piece package. The unprinted white surface communicates a sense of naturalness, with the uncoated

surface giving the package an attractive matte appearance and tactile feel. The gift experience is accentuated by the cov- er, which features the brand logo in foil embossing. Thanks to the embossing method, the gold foiled logo can be ren- dered very sharply and three-dimensionally. The packages are made by Starcke in Eura in southwestern Finland, as they have sufficiently large equipment for the produc- tion of a gift package of this scale.

“Designing this gift package was a major pro- ject for us, so it’s important the result meets our requirements. I’m extremely satisfied with both the package and our cooperation with Metsä Board.”

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