Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023


“Our aim is for Muoto products to be recycled just like paperboard.”

er of process technology, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. The Äänekoski demo plant is a joint investment by the two companies. In the demo phase, the potential of Muoto products is currently being tested in the market. “We’ve market-tested the product with our customers. The feedback has been very positive,” says Tuominen. Collaborating for better packaging The gift packaging prototype, designed jointly by Metsä Spring, Metsä Board and Fiskars Group, found its shape at Metsä Board’s Excellence Centre.

“The Excellence Centre in Äänekoski organis- es workshops where we can jointly investigate, in- novate and test future material and packaging solu- tions based on renewable fresh fibre with customers,” says Iiro Numminen , Packaging Designer at Metsä Board. The joint workshops enable the participants to har- ness each expert’s best competence, survey the cus- tomers’ needs, and collaboratively create innovative solutions that support the circular economy and ad- dress all the needs related to the life-cycle of pack- aging. •

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