Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023



the end of 2025, the extended BM 1 board machine will turn out 600,000 tonnes of low carbon footprint fold- ing boxboard every year for consumer packaging and food service applications. This represents an increase of 200,000 tonnes. “The most important outcome for our customers will be the increased availability of premium light- weight products with a low carbon footprint,” says Jonas Adler , Product Manager for Folding Boxboard at Husum. Improvements were made in both equipment and pro- cess control for the forming, drying and surface treat- ment parts of the machine. “The recipes of the products that Husum produces won’t change – it’s just that there will be more available, and they’ll be produced even more consistently, predictably and sustainably.” In addition to the BM 1 extension, Metsä Board is mod- ernising the pulp mill in Husum. The project’s first phase was completed in 2022 with the start-up of the pulp mill’s new recovery boiler and turbine, which provide bio-based steam and electricity. Together, they are ex- pected to increase electricity production by around 330 gigawatt hours per year, increasing the mill’s electrical self-sufficiency from around 50 to more than 80 per cent on average, and even over 100 per cent during the

summer months, when surplus energy can be supplied to the national grid. “More stable steam production means more consist- ent board production and quality. Better quality and consistency mean less waste for our customers, so this is another way in which we’re improving the sustaina- bility of our products,” says Adler. Investments in automation also have a big role to play in improving efficiency and safety at Husum, with han- dling and transport of jumbo reels automated all the way from the coating machine to the vessels waiting to ship them from the mill’s own harbour. Husum is also laying solid foundations to address the growing demand for premium-quality, sustainable pa- perboard in North America, where interest in alterna- tives to plastic in packaging applications is on the rise. A new warehouse specifically for reels being shipped to US customers is under construction at the site.

Kaskinen’s blueprint for the world’s most modern board mill

Metsä Board’s ambitious plans for a proposed invest- ment to create a greenfield mill at Kaskinen, on Finland’s west coast, continue to run on schedule. It is planned that the new mill, which will incorporate cutting-edge

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