Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023



is a Finnish circular economy growth company which collects lorryloads of side streams containing fibre clay from Metsä Board’s paperboard mills in Kemi and Äänekoski every week and processes them into soil improvement fibres for agricultural use. These prod- ucts return wood-based nutrients to the ground. They also store the wood’s carbon in the soil. They also improve the water retention capacity of the soil, which means less nutrient run-off into waterways, and vegetation can increase in fields. The fibres have been found to reduce the risk of nutrient leaching by up to 50 per cent. In addition to soil improvement, similar side streams from Metsä Board’s mills are being used in landscaping and land construction.

Fact The European Commission adopted its first Circu- lar Economy Action Plan in 2015. In June 2021, the Parliament adopted a new Circular Economy Package calling for further action to achieve a carbon-neutral, environmentally sustaina- ble, and toxic-free circular economy by 2050. In Finland, the Government adopted a resolution

on promoting the circular economy in April 2021.

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