Metsä Board Magazine – Winter 2023


Art of packaging


Lumene is one of the cosmetics industry powerhouses that is keen on micro-flute. Essi Arola , Head of R&D, Sustainabil- ity & Packaging for Lumene, says that the company is constantly looking for new ecological materials. As Lumene is very much about the circular economy, is always investigating the suitability of various innovative materials and technologies for cosmetics packaging, working with its partners. Having recently visited Metsä Board’s Excellence Centre in Äänekoski, Arola had the opportunity to see what’s “under the hood” in the latest wood- based packaging innovations. She was impressed by what she saw. “Based on micro-flute, there were models and structures there that really stood out. The rigidity was one clearly positive thing, as was the fact that the packages had sharp corners, adding to a certain luxury feel,” she recalls. Arola believes that when the right material meets the right design, the result can be quite spectacular. “We’re looking to do something with micro-flute in the near future and are very excited about the opportunities it brings.”

*Metsä Board follows process category rules for processed paper and paperboard which are based on ISO 14040/14044 life cycle assessment standards when assessing environmental impacts of its paperboards. For comparative assertions external datasets from Sphera have been utilised. These datasets represent typical products on the EU markets. Comparison excludes paperboard converting processes. Climate Change methodology used in the assessment was EF3.0 Climate Change – Total.

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